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Yunnan People's Publishing House Marched toward the Mobile Phone Publishing Market

Yunnan People's Publishing House has endeavoured to innovation and changing the development modes, by taking the lead to launch mobile phone publishing & wireless reading business among local publishing houses, aiming to cultivate new economic growth points. The monthly revenues of its mobile phone publishing business is growing at above 90% since May of 2010, profits from the sales of some ebooks have surpassed that of some printed books, taking a leading position in terms of mobile publishing of the same trade in southwestern China.

On April 28, 2010, the publisher signed Agreement of Cooperation on Mobile Phone Reading Contents with China Mobile Communications Corporation Zhejiang Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Zhejiang) to officially become the cooperative partner of China Mobile's mobile phone reading base. On May 5 of the same year, the publisher integrated resources and licensed the copyright of the book Chinese Intelligence, the first commercial release of a book online officially for China Mobile's reading business. The publisher provides the reading base ebook files of its own copyright, nearly 600 titles with the right of spreading information through network, and the sale revenue of which has surpassed that of the printed books. The publisher has integrated and put works online of many famous writers including Yi Zhongtian, Zhang Ming, A Lai and Yang Jisheng, and others, while also teamed up with Yunnan Science & Technology Press and Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House to increase the variety of the publications.

(Source:CBI Compiled  2011-04-06):

No English info about the publishing group is available in 2013.

云南出版集团有限责任公司成立于2005年1月25日,是省委、省政府和新闻出版总署正式批准成立的省属大型国有独资文化企业集团,是云南文化产业龙头骨干企业。集团公司注册资本23261万元,主营业务为图书、报纸、期刊、音像制品、电子出版物、数字出版产品的出版、印刷、发行业务,还从事文化用品经营、物业出租、房地产开发、小额贷款金融服务等业务。现有全资及控股、参股公司17家,三级单位64家,大中型书城50个,发行网点500多个,覆盖全省16个州市 129个县区。报纸、期刊12种,其中,《云南信息报》、《漫画派对》已成为年收入上亿元的品牌报刊。现有职工10159人,拥有一批经验丰富的新闻出版专业技术人才。

地址(ADD):云南省昆明市环城西路609号云南新闻出版大楼    邮编(Postcode):650034    办公室(Office):0871-64171371



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